Your Presentation
Reflects Your Professionalism

StickySLIDESTM will provide you with 6 proven key lessons for creating visually compelling and memorable slides that captivate your audience's attention and effectively convey your messages.

It's crucial to create a presentation that effectively communicates your message.
Not creative?  No problem!
This book is written with non-designers in mind, drawing on the author's extensive experience and tried-and-tested methodology to help you organise your ideas into visual messages that are easy for your audience to understand. Using fundamental design principles and tools, we'll explore why a good slide works and a weak one fails.

Throughout this book, you'll gain practical advice that you can apply immediately to enhance your presentations with the six key lessons in the StickySLIDESTM method. 

Do you need a proven approach to
create effective and impactful presentation?

You do if your presentation slides appear to be...

Unstructured flow of content

Cluttered with text & numbers

Mismatched in terms of colour

Messy looking with unprofessional use of visuals

Struggling with diagrams and charts

Misaligned with brand guidelines

You don't need talent - just the right skills and methods

About the Author
Irvin Hoh offers his expertise in information design, with a special focus on presentation design. With experience in strategy development and operational optimization for both public and private sectors, he has contributed to a variety of projects that involve information design and data visualization. Irvin is skilled at transforming complex, text-heavy content into engaging visuals that effectively communicate the intended message. 

As a certified trainer, Irvin is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with others. He teaches visual storytelling for presentations and data visualization to a diverse range of clients, both locally and internationally. His aim is to help individuals elevate their presentations into powerful visual stories by effectively using information, data, and images.

If you're looking to elevate your presentation game, Irvin has the skills and knowledge to help you succeed. Look no further than 
StickySLIDESTM - Presentation Design Made Simple

When you implement the StickySLIDESTM, you will...

Develop content strategically and organise it tactically to achieve specific goal.

Use the power of visual and concise message to illustrate content that stays in your audience's mind.

Express your ideas and content in a professional manner that captivates and sustains your audience's interest.